Employee Information

Individuals who have questions or concerns about discrimination, discriminatory harassment, and/or sexual misconduct can view the College’s relevant policies here or connect with Equity & Compliance staff or a member of the Human Resources Department.

Anyone who has concerns about bias, discrimination, and/or discriminatory harassment, including any concerns pertaining to sexual misconduct, is encouraged to seek assistance from Equity & Compliance staff. Employees are also encouraged to seek assistance from the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Employees:

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Employees
Alison Douglas
Interim Associate Director, Employment Operations/Senior Human Resources Partner
20 Washington Place
Human Resources Office, 3rd floor
401 454-6720

Liz Rainone
Interim Vice President, Human Resources
20 Washington Place
Human Resources Office, 3rd floor
401 454-6427

Harassment & Discrimination Prevention & Title IX Training

We encourage all employees to engage with our Employee Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training and Title IX Training. Send an email to success@getinclusive.com for your customized, individual training link.

Request a Workshop or Training

Equity & Compliance staff have made a number of interactive workshops and trainings available for student, staff, and faculty engagement. Our educational workshops and trainings have been curated to meet the needs of the RISD community and is poised to grow as those needs evolve.

To request a workshop or training, please fill out the following form. Please allow 2-3 business days for a response. Upon request, Equity & Compliance can design and facilitate a workshop for your audience around a variety of themes, including, but not limited to: the continuum of sexual misconduct; the prevalence of sexual violence; bystander intervention; consent; reporting options and resources for support; intimate partner violence; healthy & unhealthy relationships (social, romantic, and/or sexual); implicit and explicit bias; microaggressions; social identities, intersectionality & active allyship; navigating concerns relating to protected classes,  RISD’s discriminatory harassment, Title IX & sexual misconduct policies; and more.

Upon request, our team will do our best to develop a program that meets your area needs.

Employee Support

RISD provides its employees, any individual who shares residence with the employee, and immediate family access to an employee assistance program to help with personal issues and situations. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available through Coastline EAP. Their phone number is 800-445-1195 and their website is coastlineeap.com. You can find more information on HR’s website here.

Resources for Best Practices